Airconditioning Solutions

Air Conditioning Services

The company has the capability to design, supply, install and commission complete systems. We can design and built to meet particular specifications or alternatively, supply proprietary equipment from any of the major manufacturers.

Our Engineering Services Will Typically Include Some Or All Of The Following :

Review of adequacy of performance of existing systems
System specifications and detailed design to meet client requirements
CAD Drafting and production of engineering work – packs
Full documentation pact to suit client requirements.

Typical Examples Of Our Services In This Area Include :

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and microelectronics clean-room facilities air-conditioning packages
Hospital OTs air-conditioning packages
Commercial and Industrial air-conditioning packages
Information Technology parks air-conditioning packages
Offices, Hotels, Educational Institutions and Marriage hall air-conditioning packages.

HVAC System Survey and Verification Checks

Where there is concern or uncertainty with regards to achievement of required system performance, our company assists clients with reviewing the system design and operating parameters to establish compliance with the appropriate regulatory, safety case or performance standards criteria.


This can be achieved by review and comparison between the original design criteria and measurement of actual system performance. Any variance identified indicates a requirement for remedial action.

We cater to the needs of clients from varied industry segments, which include Shipping, Offshore, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Food Industries, Hotels, Shopping Mall, Engineering, etc.

HVAC Engineering Design

The company provides complete solutions, from conceptual to detailed design with respect to either a new HVAC system or alternatively, modification of the existing system. This capability also includes the production of a new or updated to existing, schematic or ‘as-built’ engineering drawings.

Complete System Installation

This service can be provided as part of a turnkey package or alternatively as a stand – alone service utilizing client supplied material. The company allocates a project engineer to supervise the installation works, to be involved in inter-disciplinary activities, to ensure that effective co-ordination takes place to minimize possible disruption and delays.

System Commissioning and Balancing

Systems which are not properly commissioned are out of balance or are failing to deliver at appropriate levels of water flow or airflow or pressurization, have a potential impact upon the working environment and safety of personnel. These system failures may not be noticed on a day-to-day basis, but unless rectified can have a negative effect on the performance of both plant and personnel. .

The carrying out of regular system surveys and integrity checks, as part of a planned maintenance routine should be considered good practice and classified as high priority. We have the capability of carrying out commissioning of systems

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